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Getting an Apostille 

The French term “Apostille” means the document issued by the competent state body, which is part of the Hague Convention. A foreign public document with an apostille can therefore be used without further authentication on any part of the Hague Convention and before any body.

When properly completed, the certificate proves the credibility of the signature, the capacity of the person who signed the document, and possibly the authenticity of the seal or stamp on the document. However, the apostille does not prove the authenticity of the content of the public document to which it is attached. Every state has its own regulations on apostilles. So, if you need a document apostilled in Houston, Texas it would be wise to consult with a Houston apostille service first.

Getting an Apostille  - Flower Site

The apostille is placed directly on the public document or on its longer, which is attached to the document authenticating it. The clause should contain the data on the country of origin, the identification of the person who issued the public document, the place and date of the authentication, the details of the body issuing the apostille, the identification number of the authentication and finally the stamp and include the signature of the person issuing the apostille.

Once attached to the public document, the apostille is applicable and acceptable to the public bodies of the states that have joined the Hague Convention. For countries that have not joined the mentioned peace conferences, then higher legalization at the embassy or consulate of the given country is necessary, but it often happens that the apostille becomes acceptable there as well.

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