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Satellite Television or Cable TV

The satellite television system consists of a dish antenna that receives signals from satellites orbiting around Earth. These signals are then sent through cables to a receiver where they can be viewed. This system has become increasingly popular over the last few years due to its ability to provide high quality programming at affordable prices.

Satellite Dish Antenna

A satellite dish antenna is used to receive the signal from the satellite. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on their intended use. A small satellite dish may be placed on top of a house or building while a large one may be mounted on the roof of a vehicle. DSTV is the biggest satelite television provider in South Africa.

Satellite Television or Cable TV - Flower Site

Install DSTV

Dstv is South Africa’s leading satellite television service provider. They offer over 100 channels including local content, international sports, movies, music, news, documentaries, soapes, etc. Dstv has been providing quality entertainment since 1995. There are different packages to choose. From basic to premium. If you want DSTV explora ultra package, you will need to contact your DSTV provider about DSTV explora ultra installation.

Cable TV

Cable television is a type of television service that uses cable instead of broadcast radio waves to transmit video images. It was first introduced in the United States in the 1950’s but has since spread across the globe.

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