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Jeremy Piven and His Refined Taste for Cigars

Jeremy Piven, a distinguished name in Hollywood, has a penchant for splendid cigars that adds an extra layer to his on-screen and off-screen personality. He is an accomplished actor, best known for his roles in Entourage and Mr. Selfridge. However, when the lights go out, Piven becomes an enthusiastic cigar aficionado, indulging in the tradition, taste, and grandeur of cigar culture. In a true testament to his love for cigars, Piven has collaborated with Illusione brand owner Dion Giolito to create The Jeremy Piven Collection.

Tracing the Roots

While Piven’s passion for cigars has amplified with his growing fame, it began in his formative years. His father, a fellow cigar lover, introduced him to his first smoke and the first step towards a lifelong affinity towards cigars. Distinctive aromas, resistance under the flame, and the signature flavor profile; it was all a part of growing up for Piven.

Piven’s Preferred Brands

The world of cigars is a universe in itself. With hundreds of brands and unique collections, the path to finding one’s preference requires patience, time, and rich experiences. Alongside his collaboration with Illusione, Piven has narrowed down his preferences to a few distinguished brands, each offering a different aura and distinct taste pallet:

Arturo Fuente

Arturo Fuente, a brand celebrated for its Cuban Seed Dominican long-fillers and African Cameroon wrappers, ranks high among Piven’s preference list. The harmony of richness, spiciness, and sweetness that a Fuente cigar offers seems to resonate with Piven’s palate.


Known for its extensive craftsmanship and meticulous production process, Cohiba is another of Piven’s favorite brands. Famous for its Cuban origins, these cigars proffer an unrivaled experience that Piven eagerly appreciates. The Cohiba Esplendido, featuring notes of earth, wood, and spice, is said to be a particular favorite.

Jeremy Piven and His Refined Taste for Cigars - Flower Site


A classic choice among cigar veterans, Montecristo, with its well-rounded flavors and consistent construction, piques Piven’s interest. Its variety of strength levels from mellow to full-bodied, offers Piven the liberty to choose according to his mood and occasion.

The Jeremy Piven Collection

In collaboration with Dion Giolito, the owner of the Illusione brand, Piven has launched The Jeremy Piven Collection, an exclusive line of cigars that reflect his love for the art and his refined taste. The first Jeremy Piven cigar in the collection is the PIV Robusto, which has garnered positive reviews and ratings within the cigar community. This line is a testament to Piven’s dedication to his hobby and his desire to share his passion with connoisseurs around the world.

An Encouraging Word for Novices

As an experienced cigar lover, Piven believes in guiding novices who wish to explore the world of cigars. His advice is simple:

  • Always start with a mild cigar,
  • Slowly identify your preference by trying different brands and flavors, including The Jeremy Piven Collection,
  • Cultivate patience, because understanding cigar nuances is about appreciating the journey.


Jeremy Piven, through his illustrious career and sophisticated lifestyle, has embraced the exquisite world of cigars. His love for cigars is not just confined to personal indulgence; it’s an ode to his father, a celebration of his success, a part of his personality, and an experience that transcends the ordinary. By appreciating and celebrating his refined taste, Piven inspires many to explore the intricacies of cigars, including his collaboration with Dion Giolito, The Jeremy Piven Collection.

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