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Bed Bug Pest Control and Removal

If there are spots on blood on the sheets of your bed, you could have a bed bug infestation. Getting an inspection to confirm whether or not you have a bed bug infestation is vital as it could get worse and spread throughout the entire house.

Bed bugs usually reside in bedrooms, hence where the name is derived from. Bed bugs can live in furniture cracks or crevices or even people’s luggage. Bed bugs are tiny insects that usually look for food at night and can pierce your skin and feed on your blood.

bed bug picture

Bed bugs are small blood-sucking insects who feed upon the blood of the humans and animals they bite. In such a way, they can be called parasites. Not only they are found in homes but also in other premises such as hotels and motels, apartments, dormitories and cruise ships. They are often spread by people who travel often.

Because of their tiny size, bed bugs are hard to detect and to eradicate, but there are bed bug treatments. They hide in bed frames, clothing, luggage, furniture, mattresses, under wallpaper and behind baseboards. Bites of bed bugs should be a concern because the saliva from their bites can cause skin infections and skin allergies.

If you think your bed is infested with bed bugs, call BED BUG PEST CONTROL immediately. Why wait if they are already causing you great discomfort. Through careful partnership between you and the experts you can ensure your family and your guests’ comfort.

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