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Great Ideas for Guinea Pig Names

Part of the fun and excitement of getting a new pet is naming them. Finding the perfect guinea pig name also tells how significant your pet is to you. A name could tell something about the history of your pet or could tell others about the things and people that interest you. So, let’s see how to name your guinea pig?

Here are some great ideas for guinea pig names:

Name a family of guinea pigs after famous cartoon family members: characters such as Bart, Magi and Lisa from the Simpsons or Pebbles and Bambam from The Flintstones.

You can name them after the planets of our solar system such as Jupiter, Mars, and Venus.

Name them after your favorite food like Bacon, Strawberry, Apple Pie or Popcorn. You can name your brown breeds after chocolate brands such as Hersheys, Cadbury, Milky Way or Musketeer.

Name them after your favorite artists like Gaga, Madonna or Sting.

Great Ideas for Guinea Pig Names - Flower Site

You can even give them a name that is related to their history or character or how they look. Examples would be Lucky, Scratchy, Dotty, Squeaker, or Speedy.

If you like history you can name your pets after heroes, presidents or literary figures. Imagine introducing a pet named Shakespeare or Theodore Roosevelt in a competition. The name itself will make the crowd curios with your pet and even the owner.

You can name them after Greek or Egyptian gods and goddesses such as Anubis or Zeus.

You can also make up unique sounding guinea pig names such as Zubalu or Bengar; anything that comes into your mind!

Be creative with your choice, after all it’s the name you’ll be using to communicate with your pet and the call it will come to recognize. Also, if you are keeping several cavies under your care, it would be good to give them names with distinct sounds from each other so that your pet won’t be confused on who you’re calling.

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