Who Needs Therapy?

Many people in New York find that taking the first steps to starting therapy are the scariest. It can be an intimidating and exposing process because it may be the first time you are attempting to make fundamental change. Choosing the right therapist NYC is essential in order to guide you through this process successfully.

You may seek therapy for the following reasons:

Emotional Distress: All humans feel pain from time to time in our lives, but when the pain is intense, long lasting, is invasive and interferes in our daily life and functioning, it’s time we seek help in form of therapy to relieve the symptoms, and improve the quality of life.

Personal Growth: Personal growth can be improved with therapy. Therapy can help identify your unique potential, improve your self-esteem by helping you with skills to manage your reactions to the world, and indirectly improve how others feel and deal with you. As we grow older, we are continually confronting new opportunities and having new experiences, so it’s important to examine your choices to optimize happiness and equilibrium.

Relationship and Communication: When communication is faulty and laden with negative emotions, the result may be ruined relationships and other stressors leading to broken friendships, separation, divorce and regret. Learning and practicing good communication skills in therapy can help with problem areas and improve our approaches, which in turn, makes us feel better.

Rage, Loss and Grief: Intense emotions such as rage, loss and grief come from actual experience and the feeling that we have done too much, too little or too late. In therapy, we can identify and learn to cope effectively with these negative emotions.

Mental Health Issues: When you or someone in your family struggles with psychological disorders and conditions, therapy can help you sort out coping skills in manageable steps. Learning how to manage a mental illness can help you and your loved ones function more effectively.

Recognizing the need for and seeking professional help takes courage and determination. Deciding to act is the first step towards improvement and healing. In a safe and caring one-on-one therapeutic relationship, you can identify what isn’t working, and you can begin to find alternatives and the skills necessary to live a balanced and contented life.

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